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“Hey Mariela,if the shoes you ordered are not fit,what would you do with them? I ordered a pair of flats from a few days ago, Iwas confused what size should I order,but they told me they are the same size like my other shoes.But when I got the shoes, they are obviously much smaller sizing,not the same.Also the back of the shoes is scratching.They told me I can return the shoes but I need to endure the shipping fee.I found its not only very expensive but also very inconvenient to send the parcel back through the post – I didnt know that they were not going to be a suitable fit so it was not a pleasant shopping experience and would hesitate to use the company again I am afraid. The returns cost more than a 1/4 of the whole cost of the sandals.”

Valentino RockStud Flats

Valentino RockStud Flats

Valentino RockStud Flats

Valentino RockStud Flats

That’s not a good return policy.Shopping online is convenience,but one of the disadvantages is that you can not try before buying.I also have ordered the shoes that don’t fit,but I am so lucky because the sellers were willing to shoulder part of shipping costs.


  1. marianne:

    Service hos er ikke god.


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