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Had I mentioned how much I love the Dior Gaucho? Well, I very love it and I have been itching to get one of these funky little shoulder bags for myself for quite some time now. BUT, I made a BIG mistake (something I almost never do) when it came to buying one: I ordered it from Let me tell you, I AM PEEVED. Not only did these oafs send me a second-rate bag, they sent me a second-hand bag! If you are ready for a cautionary tale. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

I can not even begin to express who pissed off. I am at this site. I was so excited to finally get a Dior Gaucho bag, but sent me an absolute piece of crap! Argh Argh! Check out the pics I have attached. The bag is used. I am sure of it. There are numerous signs of wear on the bag. BUT, even WORSE, there is a letter missing from the inside logo! Can you believe that? So, what do have to say about the handbag quality at handbags: they do not know the meaning of the word quality on it! Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment


Yeah, whatever…the usual. I got my bag in a little over a week. Who cares though when the handbag is a terrible disappointment!


Like so many sites out there, uses is big selection to draw you in….but do not get caught up in it. These bags are BAD -and not bad like those sexy bad boys we all hate to love –I am talking damaged goods here. So, even though have a vast collection from all the usual suspects, they actually have nothing to choose from. Oh, the irony!

Return Policy

Do not shop here. If you take my good advice and never order a bag from this site, then you wo not need to find out that their return policy. Do not waste your money in the first place on this site.


You know, I do not ask for a whole lot from the service staff at replica sites. I do not expect to be pampered or fitted or flattered as I would in a physical shop. All I ask, is that I receive a response to my emails. That`s a very small thing to ask, yet the folks at seem incapable of providing even this most basic service. Awful!!

Site Usability

This site is easy to use – they make it super easy for you to find that bag your covet, order it, and have it shipped to your doorstep. Their prices are not bad either. Unfortunately, site usability cannot even begin to make up for selling damaged bags.

My Humble Conclusion

I am really, really angry at Even after this rant, I am still seething. There are many things that I will tolerate in this industry – I havecome to expect that most sites will only give me mediocre handbags, for example – but I will not tolerate some no-good, two-bit website sending me a USED bag with a faulty label. The NERVE!

What is your worst experience with a replica website? I had love to hear someone else’s horror story so we can share the anguish, thanks.


  1. Lisa D:

    I have been looking for a LV Neverfull for a few years and every time I get close to either buying one on ebay or a replica, first I would read through your whole blog here and went ahead and pulled the trigger. After reading your blog I felt more confident and purchased one from vogueking. I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks for all of the great information.

    1. Mariela:

      Dear Lisa, welcome and it’s a pleasure to have you as a reader of my blog! Please let me know if there’s something I can helpwith you . Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. jennifer:

    hi! i love your website and all the good information. do you know which website would be the best to find a high quality replica of the PROENZA SCHOULER PS1? thanks!

    1. Mariela:

      Hi! I’m so happy that you like this blog. is good with PROENZA SCHOULER bags, you can trust them. Let me know your thoughts

  3. Erika:

    i ordered a monogram speedy 30 from an old site called, i love the bag but the hardware, especifically the lock, was never shiny as the original one. Are the LV bags on vogueking as shiny and durable as the original?

    Thank you!

    1. Mariela:

      Yes, they are durable. the hardware on my Speedy look amazing and I have it for quite some time now. Check out my facebook page and profile, I have pictures with almost all my replicas.

  4. Amina:

    Hello Mariela,
    For Coach which website will you recommend? Please let me know.Thanks

    1. Mariela:

      Actually ,I am digging for good websites for Couch, not many sell the best quality out there…unfortunately. I will definitely keep you posted on that.

  5. Elena:

    Hi ,I just want you to know how you helped many of us here in italy from buying bad replica handbags .BTW, Do you prefere buying from or from Vogueking? Thx!!

    1. Mariela:

      Absolutely ,I will go with Vogueking !


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