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I have received lots of questions about from my readers and they all seemed to be wary of the website. So, going into this comment I really had low expectations for quality. Even still, I did not expect that when I ordered a replica Lady Dior bag from them they would send me a used handbag! I could not believe it, I was incensed. But, being the generous person that I am, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them about the mistake. And, guess what: I still have not received a response from them. If I had to summarize my feelings about this website in two words, I had say “Stay Away, Stay Away!” Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

I have shopped at a lot of replica websites in my day and not all of them have been good. Nope, in fact, I havecome across some real awful sites selling tacky, cheap replica Dior handbags. But, never have I had someone try and sell me a used bag…until Excuse me Deluxe Purse, but if I wanted a used bag I had be shopping at the Salvation Army, not a site that claims to be selling designer replica handbags. This is sacrilege! Have a look at the images below and you will see what I mean -there is wear on the straps and marks on the bottom. On top of this, the Christian Dior text is poorly rendered and uneven. My guess is that they sold someone else this bag, that person wore it around for a while until she realized that it was not a passable replica handbag, and sent it back to them. And, then they tried to sell it to me! What a sham so bad! Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment


As I already mentioned, this site is low on information, and shipping is no exception to this. They basically tell you that it will take 24 hours to confirm your order, then they`ll get to shipping it. They have no idea how long it will take, but are gracious enough to give you a tracking number so that you can figure that out for yourself. Poor customer service! I received my order in 15 business days – which is not that bad, but could they not have taken the time to tell me that?

Return Policy

I have no complaints with the return policy at You have 7 days to return if there is a problem with their replica Dior handbags, a problem with shipping, or if you are plain dissatisfied. This is standard, and they tell it to you straight.


I know I talk about selection in every comment I post, but I am starting to wonder whether it is worthwhile. Really, selection is the easiest and most common things that online shops get right. Almost every site I come across has a large selection of designer bags from all the big names – is no exception to this. In fact, Deluxe Purse goes even further than a lot of sites in carrying replicas from some of the smaller (but equally fantastic) replica like Marni, Givenchy, and Samantha Thavasa. But here is the problem: There bags are not good (or new)! Basically, gives you the option of choosing from a wide selection of crap!


What kind of site does not respond to client questions? A bad one, I had wager. I tried to get a hold of Deluxe Purse to try and find out why they sent me a used purse and why so much of their site information is missing, and they never got back to me! It seems that I made a huge mistake with this site in not contacting them before I ordered. But hey, you live and learn, no?

Site Usability

I found this site to be obnoxious to navigate. I kept going to pages to find them completely empty – where is the About US guys? Where is the FAQ section? And, like so many bad sites it is hard to understand the text because it is written so poorly. Um, does anyone speak English at Deluxe Purse? On top of all that, the site is designed badly – it is hard to get from point A to B.

My Humble Conclusion

My humble conclusion is that this site sucks. I am not usually this blunt – you guys know me! – but I got nothing but bad from my experiences with The site is poorly designed and poorly written. Their customer service staff is either non-existent or not at all interested in serving customers. And, worst of all, the Dior bag I got from them is used – I am sure of it. Finding terrible sites like this just makes me so angry! I hate knowing that people like this are out there scamming the pants off of good people.


  1. Rayleen Madrid:

    First of all, I love your website. Thank you for having it; and thank you for recommending vogueking. However, is there another site you could recommmend or anyone else for that matter; that has good quality Gianmarco Lorenzi’s? I’ve seen vogueking’s but I was looking for a bigger collection.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Mariela:

      Hi Rayleen!
      Unluckily, I`m not experienced with replica shoes as I am with handbags, but I`m researching about this. Do you want to buy a certain pair of Gianmarco shoes?

  2. jenny:

    hi Mariela, where to get the best LV Speedy 35? I saw the picture in vogueking but the color of the leather is a little bright. is it a norm like what you said the color of the leather will be darken over time? please tell me some advice.

    1. Mariela:

      Hey Jenny !I think vogueking is a good choice. All good replica LV will oxidize but, you can also speed up the process by using tanning oil! Let me know if there anything else I can helpwith you !

  3. Lindsay:

    Among vogueking, bagaholics and posh moda, which do you think is the best quality? Thanks so much for all of the wonderful information!

    1. Mariela:

      of course vogueking

  4. Oscar:

    Thanks Mariela, I bought a handbag from vogueking to my mom and she loved it so much. she couldnt even tell whether it was fake or not and i got the best deal on it!

    1. Mariela:

      Great to hear that. if you wanna share your story with the blog, please feel free to send me an email.


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