Handbags comment: This Shopping Experience is Disapoiting Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

I would like to ask a question,Do you ever show up for a party and almost wish that you would never been invited at once? You know what I am saying, the type of party that everyone is entirely bored, the music is noicy as well (such as “difficult jazz”), and you just get bad reflection. That is difinitly how I feel about When received a terrible and not perfect bag and got the unfriendly treat from their customer service staff, I have got no good feelings to say about this site and thier products. This site is the pits and it is made me fell empty, and really tired.

About Quality
I ordered a Louis Vuitton Empreinte Artsy but I have to say I even don’t know what I received. I am so upsad.It kind of seem like Empreinte leather, though it is way too glossy, but the worst is the logo is missing on the front of the bag.It made the bag looks really fake. Shortly, this bag does not really look like an Empreinte Artsy, so I can make two summaries:first of all, this bag is not meant to be an LV Empreinte Artsy at all or, second, this is one of the worst replicas I have ever received. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

At my first glance, I thought they were just curating their collection to make sure that they only sell good quality handbags (cutting the filler), but after received such a poor-made handbag, I am about to have to make up my mind that this is just could be a spare selection.These guys left some items to be desired in the selection department.

About the Shipping
Because I live in United States, shipping is free for me and it took totally 13 days for me to receive my handbag. The only thing I can complain about here is that the bag could have come vrey soon, but 13 days (the shipped EMS) really is not that bad.It is slow.

Site Usability
I had entirely no doubt keep navigate feeling to his site. So that, when the party kind of boring, I could at least find the bowl and that bathroom. The design is simple, efficient, and functional – exactly the way a replica site should do.

Return Policy
I just want to claim, these guy is okay when I refer to returns. They do charge a reshipping fee for items that they do not defective (the common problem when buy a bag) BUT they do also provide to send some handbags hardware which is defective without any charge and they accept returns as wll if you are really not satisfying, the return policy is kind of acceptable.

About their Service
Her is one of the areas where this site really terrible. I have tried several times to send emails to these guys, and they did not reply my mails (they eventually did after a week! That is too slow and disappointing,or I can say that crazy! And I tried calling but what made me feel sad agian was no one answered the phone call. That is soo ridiculous!Do not they want to a good business with us? This is a customer oriented business and if they want to be successful and gain the trust from some new customers, they have to respond to email and answer the phone in time.I think that is a basic condition.

This is my Humble Conclusion  is one of those terrible sites that no consumer will like it. There bags are looks cheap and do not look authentic, so this selection is not sort of an ideal selection, and their service staff is not professional. If you are invited to this site, just refuse it.


  1. La Croix:


    Where can I find the best louis vuitton handbags?

    thanks a lot

  2. Casey:

    Hi, i have been looking on and they seem to have really good replicas.Have you used them before?I don’t know how they work and their website looks a bit like ebay.

    1. Mariela:

      iOffer is not a website I want to recommend. many readers have sent me bad reviews about their website.

  3. nicole:

    i just came across your website ,love your blog so much. i have came across and i was wondering if you ever bought anything from that website. what do you think of it?

    1. Mariela:

      Hi Nicole, great to have you as a member of this replica community here at Spotbags! the most important thing you should know is that in this replica world, you always get what you pay for. Take a look at the website and at the prices they ask for. Then look at the bags to judge whether they are stolen from official websites.
      If you are looking for anything in particular, please let me know and I`ll help you find the right website for it

  4. Helen Reed:

    Hello Mariela, use stolen pictures on there website. The leather of the bag on their website looked nice and soft. But the bag i received is hard and feels like plastic! They folded the bag,sending it to me,and the folds will never come out. Also when you put an item in the “CART” on their website,it cannot be removed!!!

    1. Mariela:

      Oh dear I am so sorry to hear that.
      Thank you for letting everybody know about this disaster.have you tried to return it ?
      Would you like to send me your story with some pictures, so I can post it on the blog ? It would be a great deal of help to all the other readers.thanks

  5. Marg:

    Don’t buy replica bags from A nightmare to get their bag . And no reply from them when i emailed them asking to return the bag.

    1. Mariela:

      Can you send us some pictures of the bag? I would love to post your story on my blog .


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