Handbags Comment: Not To Try A Site Without The Products You Want Easily Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“Hi Mariela,

I came cross two sites of replica, and comparing them,I felt that bags from are a little cheaper. But it seemed that the wallet I wanted were not on their website page,so I contacted their customer service with the photo of the wallet I wanted,asking whether they have such wallet.

At first they told me the wallet was on store and let me paid for it as soon as possible. But after I finished the payment,they told me the wallet was unavailable and I should waited for a few days. I wanted to get the refund but they just told me to be patient and they would ship the wallet when they got it from the supplier.

It took me almost two months to get the wallet. What the hell!!”

Hermes Red Leather Small Wallet

Hermes Red Leather Small Wallet

Hermes Red Leather Small Wallet

Hermes Red Leather Small Wallet

So sorry to hear about your story. I always tell my friends that not to try a site without the products you want easily. It’s not a wise way to do that. And the other thing you should pay attention is that you’d better pay by credit card.


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