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Many readers emailed me wanting to know what happened to pursevalley recently,pursevalley has been shut down for a few days.
Before we make our orders,we will be concerned that there is no custom problem for our package.Here is a reader who suffer such problem.

“Dear Mariela,which website do you think is the safest place to buy replicas?My parcel was detained by customs and I’ve been informed that I’ve to pay custom fees!I bought a Prada briefcase and two Valentino clutches for my family as Christmas gift last month on transferred the money through Western Union. My fault and I wont be doing this again.It took almost a month to Greece’customs,I thought I would received it before Xmas.Unfortunately,package was held by the customs.I contacted rep of salefakes at once,but got no reply from them.Finally,I paid almost 250 Euro custom fees to get the bags.I don’t mind paying tax,but it’s too bad for their attitude toward handling problem.”

For me,voguekingluxury will be the safest website for replicas.They always try their best to avoid custom problem and once this happen,we will get suggestions from them.


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