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I recently got this  comment from Carmen,

The reason why that I am  writing to you all  is to suggest  you NOT to do shopping on!!! Although their site looks pretty okay  at the first sight and provides all the things that you expect to search on a  replica bags website which is reputable, but DO NOT be fooled! They are fraudsters! Just cheat the customers without mercy.

I have bought one of their  Jimmy Choo handbags in April of this year, After I paying for the bag I was interested in and then 1 week later I received an email from these guys to claim that the bag was out of stock. They suggested that I make an exchange to another style of bag…..I was looking for a particular type of bag as it was as a Gift, for my friend  and I was earching the whole of their website I could not find anything that was suitable so I requested a refund from them of the entire payment that I had paid for the bag. It is  fair right? I had  paid ,but they  were unable to send me my fond handbag. They replied to me explaining that  they would refund me but this could take up to 15 days as it would be an international  transaction (previous to this I had a situation where I had ordered from discountbags and they didn’t have the product that I had requested so they had to refund me and this will go through in my bank within 4 days.) It has now been over 1 month but no refund from I have sent them 5 emails and there was no reply. It is really seriously to sugget you all to avoid this website.

Do NOT trust them a little.


Yikes! This is the kind of stuff that gives replica sites a bad name! You will no doubt have to   look elsewhere websites for your Jimmy Choo handbags in the future, After listening to your experience, I really sympathize with you.I would like to wait another week or two weeks and if you still can’t get any response from these guys, go to your bank and request to have the transfer reversed. You don not even have to mention that you have bought replica bags just say that you paid for a bag that the shop never make  shipment. It is enough.

I hope you get your money back as soon as possible, and thanks for the you to share your personal experience with us!



  1. Natalia Rabaia:

    it is really a bad site.

    1. Ms. Linda:

      yes, i think so too

  2. Monique:

    I am looking for a LV Monogram Vernis Brea MM. Do you have any sites to recommend?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Clara Novoa:

    Hello, where can I find a good coach replica bag? Any feedback I will really appreciate. Thank you.

    1. Mariela:

      Coach replicas are really hard to find these days. Only a few sites will sell this brand, and it won’t be good quality.That happens because Coach handbags are more on the affordable side.Maybe you can try Vogueking.

  4. lisa:

    have you heard of any reviews of the website ?thanks

    1. Mariela:

      This website is a big No for me and the main reason is that they don’t accept credit cards.


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