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“Dear guys.I ordered a pair of Gucci shoes on on their website are very cheap.With $100 USD,you can buy several items,unbelievable! However,after making my order,I was informed that I have to pay DHL an extra charge to receive my order.I did what they want me to do.But until,I haven’t receive anything.They just kept giving me fake tracking info and asking of wait longer. they also refuse to issue a refund at this point.So now it looks like no bag, no money , just lies! I am so angry and frustrated.I feel completely robbed”

Buying cheap items can save a lot of money for us,but our rights can not get guaranteed.”No good cheap goods” sometimes it’s a truth.I hope all of you can be cautious and it’s better to stay away from these sites.


  1. lisa:

    somebody bought from i found it have many 2017 new items…

    1. Sally:

      I purchased a gucci bag and a hermes wallet on July 26 but I have received nothing, NOTHING.


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