Replica Handbags on Where Quality Is Not A Priority Handbags Handbags

For, you really do not know what sort of quality you are getting. There are numerous sellers peddling all sorts of stuff. Most people selling replica handbags are not calling them replicas (as if we will believe someone would sell a real Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 30 for $50 USD!). Your best way of finding out whether the vendor is selling good items is to check their rating summary (which is a great feature of the site). If their rating is low, you know to stay away. My question is this: even if a vendor who sells replica handbags has a good rating, how do I know that the customers who bought from them know anything about handbags?! This is not a website for handbag enthusiasts, it is for anyone trying to get a deal. This means that Quality IS Not a Priority! Handbags Handbags

Here is the thing:
1. That bag is listed as more expensive on than on the original website
2. The bag is more expensive here than on some of my favourite, most trusted replica sites
3. The seller did not have a rating
So, needless to say, I did not make an offer on the handbag. Handbags Handbags

Shipping times varied from anywhere between 4-6 and 14-18 days, depending on the vendor. Again, many vendors had comments that indicated whether they were reliable or not, while some where too new of have a rating.

WebSite Usability
The site is designed well and easy to use. They information that they havedecided to include is all easy to access. There are numerous categories to choose from and search within, customer comments and vendor profiles are easy to access and follow, and shopping is easy. On the other hand, the site is not set up well for handbag shopping because there is not an easy way to browse the site (i.e. by brand, or style). This is because the sight is meant for buying and selling items of all kinds.

Return Policy
I did not see any return policy information on the site. Vendors do not need to list this on iOffer, so they do not . If you were to order form a vendor on this site, I highly recommend asking them directly about this BEFORE making a purchase. But, I have to say, this is a flaw on the site. They should make return policy information mandatory for vendors.

Service describes itself as a venue for buying and selling. Since they do not do these things themselves, they do not really offer any service. They are a mediator. It is up to the buyer to approach vendors about their services.

My Humble Conclusion
I would not buy a handbag from There are too many uncertainties. Will the product be good? Will I swiftly receive items? Is the vendor reputable? Will I be able to return my handbag if there is a problem? None of these questions are answered easily with this site. I prefer quality online retailers that focus on handbags primarily to playing around on these “online buyer and seller communities.” This site is not a community, it is a forum for scam artists to dupe people!


  1. angelica:

    Do not buy from, pay but receive nothing!
    Do not ba cheatedt!

    1. Mariela:

      Thanks for the alarm :)

  2. Rubal:

    Still waiting on my handbags, but I read several negative comments on their facebook page and I’m starting to get scared . What is their restocking fee if someone wants to return stuff?

    1. Mariela:

      sorry,I don’t know too! Give them a call or send them an email, it’s very important to know this details!

  3. Amanda:

    Is it Vogueking a legit site ..??

    1. Mariela:

      Yes! You can buy from this website with confidence!

  4. ruby:

    looking for a good fendi .any advice?thx

    1. Mariela:

      Which Fendi bag are you looking for? Which model?

  5. Brenna:

    I spent a lot of time to find a good replica LV handbag,any ideas?


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