pursevalley.cn Watches Comment:DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, THEY LIE

pursevalley.cn Watches Comment

pursevalley.cn Watches Comment

There are a few girls ordered from pursevalley.cn before,and I also posted some comments from them on my blog.Recently I received an email and the writer wanted me to show to your guys.Let’s have a look.

“Dear All Buyers,

I bought a replica watch from Pursevalley for a customer friend, believing them after what they wrote on their website (www.pursevalley.cn), I beleive they also have many websites under different names. So I bought a $700 watch, paid them straight away yet they seem to take too long to process, told me different reasons each day, told me theyhave sent the package when they haven’t. I paid for $49 + $6 for shipping and insurance, they took a MONTH to get to me.

They are just a comissioner, they don’t own anything… they don’t have much in stock, they are just the middle man between the factory and them. They would tell you, Oh i am sorry your product is out of stock after 14 days!!!! (like why wasn’t I told that earlier, iw ould have move to a better trustworthy supplier). Please do not buy from them, the product isn’t worth it, I can buy a same swiss patek watch on other replica sites (my bad,i trust PurseValley), never will again.

So after them taking too long, my friend want to return the goods since they promised me they will ship 3 days from payment date and the delivery won’t take any more than 10 days… I order in early June and product arrived in July… unbelievable.. When I wanted to return the goods, they say I could return it back to them but I hear nothing back from them for almost 10 days they goods arrive to me… they don’t want to accept it,,… they don’t want to take full responsibility of their doinbgs.. they do’n’t reimburse what you have lost because of their actions.. I hope PurseValley just bought themselves a BAD reputation.

They are nothing but a bunch of scammers, liars, never could trust a word they say to you. I learnt the hardway..I’ve spent too much money and I won’t be happy till I get back my $203 USD! They overcharge, took 1 month to deliver, say lies after lies, unprofessional, never take responsibility,they trying to ignore me so they can delay much more… Never again will i trust these people again.

I hope $203 usd is worth their reputation.


Tip for consumers: Beware of the PurseValley.cn scammers, they are not professional and they are not who they say they are. Do not beleive what they say on the website. Do not believe people saying they had a good experience, they are just part of PurseValley scam. It wasn’t worth it at all. THEY ARE SCAMMERS and LIARS. No where near professional.”


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