PurseValley.cn Handbags Comment: We Were Banned From Using This Site

pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

pursevalley.cn Handbags Comment

Yesterday I received an email from a reader telling her experience on PurseValley .

“Hi Mariela,

I bought a few bags from PurseValley about a year ago,1 by credit card and 1 by e-check. Both of them were no problems.So I turned my sister onto this website for purses, she bought 2 using e-check. No problems too. Shipping was quick and bags were nice.

Then my mom wanted some bags and that’s when it all went downhill. My sister placed her order but they sent an email saying the e-check payment was declined by her bank. My mom called the bank to tell them to allow the payment, and they said there were no attempts to process a payment from Purse Valley.

My sister called Purse Valley and, WOW, they were rude, disrespectful and at the end they told her that me, my sister and my mom were all banned from using their company. Really?

It’s too bad that they lost some really good customers. I would have loved to buy more bags, but I have other outlets I can go to that I have found. It’s too bad that they have ZERO customer service skills!!”

This is the worst news I heard recently. I remember that I have posted some comments of this site,such as a pair of shoes comment .Hope your guys won’t have the same problems like this reader.


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