PurseValley.cn.com Handbags Comment: Short In Quality!

PurseValley.cn.com Handbags Comment

PurseValley.cn.com Handbags Comment

On the surface, PurseValley.cn.com looks like an excellent site. Their site design is crisp, clean, and classy, their selection is deep and varied, and their site is filled with lots of information. I was extremely excited when I ordered a LV Alma from them but, unfortunately, my extreme excitement only lead to extreme disappointment when my bag turned out to be flawed. Can anybody get replica bags right. We want red bags, not red herrings!


The selection at PurseValley.cn.com is quite nice. Their selection covers all the major replica, it is up to date with most of the latest styles, and they feature an impressive amount of variation within styles (I especially love the number of different Birkin bags they carry). Also – though this is not my focus – they have a number of replica shoes and boots in stock, which is very exciting! However, given the mediocrity of my Alma, I do not know what to expect from their bags or their shoes.


I ordered a Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis GM Alma from this fabulous looking site and, needless to say, I had high hopes and high expectations. When I first opened my package I was pleased to see that the bag looked just as it should…until I looked inside the bag. If you have a close look at the images of the inside of my Alma below you`ll notice two things. First, the inner lining is coming apart from the bag. It seems that the stitching was not properly finished. Second, the inner lining is splotchy – the leather has been tarnished and is irregular. These flaws are simply unacceptable. When I pay nearly $320 for a replica bag from a retailer that has this nice a site, I expect excellence, and this bag is far from it. While it looks like a nice replica on the surface, this bag is riddled with flaws.


Shipping at PurseValley.cn.com is free, which is wonderful and not that common. They also guarantee shipping, which is nice to know. Shipping is expected to take 7-10 business days, which is the industry standard. I received my Alma 8 business days from when I placed my order.

Site Usability:

This site is highly usable and even showcases some unique search features that make life easier on the shopper. My favourite is the option to search by price so that you can find just bags that are within your price range.

Return Policy:

The Return Policy at ReplicaHandbagsPro is a bit on the strict side. You are only given 3 days to request to return an item – which is not very much time to think about it! Then you have just 7 days to ship the item back to them, making the return process about the same length as the initial shipping process.

My Humble Conclusion:

When I first came across this site I was expecting something great – it was like stumbling upon an oasis in a sea of mediocre replica handbag retailers. Unfortunately, the oasis turned out to be a mirage. The LV Monogram GM Alma I received from PurseValley.cn.com was terribly flawed. It seems these folks come up short where it is most important – in bag quality.


The live support team at PurseValley.cn.com is friendly and helpful. They also list their HeadQuarters on the site (which is surprisingly rare) and are accessible via email.


  1. Mary:

    Hi , I loved your blog!!!What website(s) would you highly recommend me for Louis Vuitton hand bags? Thank you for all your help!!!!

    1. Mariela:

      Hey Mary,nice to have you as a reader. 90% of my Louis Vuitton bags are got from Vogueking, they`re my top favorite seller right now.

  2. Diamondmummie:

    I am so glad you have this blog. It is so useful to find good replicas.

    1. Mariela:

      Thank you dear :) It is great to have you as a reader as well !

    1. Mariela:

      I can’t seem to access this website! http://www.ctpurses.com is the one, right? Maybe their server is down! What are you planning to get?

  3. Kathy:

    I want to buy a good replica Christian Louboutins. what website do you recommend? thanks

    1. Mariela:

      Have you tried Vogueking or beu-bag.com? What Christian Louboutins are you looking for?


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