purses88.com Handbags Comment: Just Receive An Empty Box



“Hi Mariela,

I ordered a small Monogram Canvas bag on last month and left a message that please send the lv box and shopping bag together. However,I was told that they don’t have the box and shopping bag at that time.1 weeks later,as I haven’t got any news from them,I called them.They apologised first and say they would send them soon. 5 days later, i got an email saying box is available and i text back saying please deliver to my workplace.

2 days ago,my package arrived.They give me a big “SURPRISE”.Please have a look:

Louis Vuitton Box And Shopping Bag

Louis Vuitton Box And Shopping Bag

Box and the shopping bag came only, there was no Monogram Canvas bag with them.I paid a lot but just get a box and shopping bag!So angry.Now I was contact them asking them to resend the bag to me.”

This is so ridiculous.I am so worried about whether they would not admit that they haven’t send the bag together.Hope you can get the bag soon.


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