Handbags Comment: They Forgot to Send Me The Bag Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“I spent almost €262 on for a pair of prada sunglasses and a Prada Saffian tote bag.12 days later,I received a small box from the post office.When I opened it,I was surprised,they only shipped me the sunglasses without the tote bag.I told them and one of their customer service answered me that she would talk to her manager.They did not get back to me about a week,so I had to keep emailing her.Last Monday,they finally told me that they would reissued the bag to me.Now I am waiting for the prada bag.”

Black Prada Sunglasses

Black Prada Sunglasses

Thanks for your sharing.The sunglasses looks nice.Their website looks have not been updated for a long time.So girls,do you have the same experience?


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