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“I ordered a pair of Chanel sandals from on July 30 and received the package today.The quality looks not bad,but I am mortified and dissapointed that the shoes seems they have been worn by others. Handbags Comment: Broken Bag Strap Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“Dear Mariela,I am a newbie on buying replica and recently I ordered a knockoff Valentino bag on don’t know whether the quality is good or not,here are some photos,can you give any suggestions about the bag? Handbags Comment: Wish I Had Seen All The Negative comments About Pursevalley Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“Wish I had seen all the negative comments about pursevalley before I made a $600 purchase. First of all, their shipping is horrible. I ordered stuff for an event coming soon and it’s taking forever to ship. I try to contact customer sevice and they are either very rude (one hung up on me!) or don’t reply to the couple emails I sent.