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“I went to order a LV Neverfull bag on July 5th from,they said it was sent out July 11st, but the tracking never changed for two weeks, the tracking website always showing that it was still in China.When I contacted them, they said that they moved “warehouses”. But this shouldn’t have effected my shipment, I told them to please refund me because The package never moved from china and it was more than the “10 business days” .They claimed they would refund me the cash. Never happened nor did I get an email from them since then, I had to call my bank to report fraud.This website is terrible!!!”

This website looks professional but curiously,I can not find any contact information like email address or phone call on their website,the only way to contact them is to fill the contact form.


  1. Elbert:

    i would not advise buying from this website too, i have purchased a lv bag and i haven’t heard anything from them in a week, they have not replied to my 6 emails.
    this is a fake website!

  2. Kordel:

    Did you buy from before? People are saying its a fake website and I want to buy two handbags from them

    1. Mariela:

      Here is a comment about this website for reference

  3. Brittany M:

    I spent $189 for a Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag on reeeeaaaalllllyyyy like this style bag, but I did not like how “fake” the leather appeared,like plastic? After looking at it long and hard, I have decided to send it back. By the way, their reps have been very helpful and answered my questions timely.


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