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There are a lot of you have been pretty optimistic about There has been a lot of chatter lately about them so it was obvious I needed to do a comment. I just received my rose coloured Vernis Florentin Alma and thought it was the time to share my shopping experiences.

Quality: Overall I have to say it looks like a cheap replica bag. The first thing I noticed was the tell tale smell of plastic. This is not a real leather bag. The stitching is all single stitching with thin thread that I just know will start to fray before long. Also the colour is off. The interior is way too pink and the exterior just lacks luster. It is to pale. What the interior has is cheap cotton rather than the stiff canvas that it should be. Just check out these interior photos:
Here is the one that I received from Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

About the real one: Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Return Policy: Having been very disappointed with the handbag I purchased, I was appalled to learn that their return policy only applies to damaged bags, not to bags that are simply dissatisfying. They don’t refund any shipping charges, and they don’t specify whether you can get a replacement or a refund for your faulty handbag. Now what am I supposed to do with this cheap replica Louis Vuitton handbag I wasted my money on?

Services: I can not say much positive about the service provided on They do not provide a phone number or live chat service for starters. Moreover, I emailed them to clarify their return policy and have not heard back in 2-3 days, which is rather infuriating.

Site Usability: Although it’s totally functional, I must say that the website is pretty messy looking, with photos and icons that often look stretched, distorted, and blurry. There is definitely room for improvement on the site design end of things at

Original Photos: The photos of the bags for sale definitely look real one, and offer many different views and close-ups of the merchandise. I think the thing I am most impressed with this site is the photos.

Shipping Method: The bag arrived timely as promised, but their shipping charges are rather expensive. Shipping costs $50 per bag and $28 per extra bag with combined shipping. This kind of takes away from their low price tags as a selling point.

Here is My Humble Conclusion:
I have to say that overall I was not totally surprised by such website. I noticed from the photos that some of the items seemed to be made from the cheaper materials. However, they are great with the details. I could not find a single error on by bag in that respect. I am going to try to return this handbag but it does not sound like they will take it so that is a definite minus for them. Their prices are below average but when they ding you with the shipping charge it does not seem that cheap anymore so I have to say not worth it. I am going to give them a 3/7 dropping a point for service,return policy and quality. Thanks.


  1. Mamilai:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your suggestions. Btw, I came across this website Is it reliable? I’m interested coz they have my favourite fushia birkin. Would like to seek your advice before I go ahead.

    1. Mariela:

      Hey Mamilai!
      I suggest you don`t rush this order you`re planning to make.
      I can`t see any pictures they have. Maybe it`s a temporary bug, but it`s not the only reason. I check the shipping, nothing comes up. I try to check payment, nothing comes up too.
      Do you understand what I mean?

  2. Eline:

    hi there!
    As i am so passionate with bags, i am always on the search for good replicas and I was wondering if you can recommend a website for good Bottega Veneta bags and Chloé,as well as Céline bags.
    thank you

  3. DD:

    do you know anything about the shoes from fabaaa? Or any other websites with replica shoes?
    Thx/ DD

    1. Mariela:

      sorry, I don’t know. I`m only experienced in the field of handbags.

  4. Cece:

    Mariela , do you recommend It’s cheaper than vogueking

    1. Mariela:

      It’s well known that cheaper doesn’t mean better. If I had to choose between and vogueking, I’d like to choose the latter.


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