louisvuittonreplica.cn Handbags Comment: I Lost Over 500 Dollors

louisvuittonreplica.cn Handbags Comment

louisvuittonreplica.cn Handbags Comment

Girls who often read my blog will know that I have posted a comment about louisvuittonreplica.cn,Here is another comment about this website written by a reader who lost over $500.

“Hi Mariela,

I had ordered a LV Monogram Canvas bag from their website.I didn’t want this bag after I paid for it via western union,so I tried to cancel my order. I was informed by a customer service rep that my request had been sent to the shipping department to cancel my order. After two days later, I was told it was too late to cancel it as the bag had shipped to my place and my only option was to get the bag first then return it. I called Dhl and they told me that I can refuse the package and then it would automatically go back to the sender. My bag was caught by the customs and louisvuittonreplica.cn told me that I should go and get it released from there. They also told me that they would not responsible for this event even though I had clearly cancelled my order and they had still shipped it.

Now,including the shipping fee I have lost over 500 dollors. I think this website is a fraud and NOONE should order from them.”

It is a sad thing indeed! They are so irresponsible and they should be responsible for what happened or they would loss a lot of customers.


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