leccrin.com Handbags Comment: The Latest Scam of Arbitrary Cancellations!

leccrin.com Handbags Comment

leccrin.com Handbags Comment

Generally, my reader comments are from people who like their designer replica handbags or hate them, but now there are something different happen – a bag that never arrived! We’ll know a story from a reader in Italy whose order was cancelled without his permission, and who is still fighting to get all his money back, including the fees they had the nerve toforce on him!

“hi, Mariela,
I looked through the Internet for a while looking for an answer to my problem, I found you at last! It looks like that you are a “guardian angel” for all the online customers. I read every comment left, and I found that other people’s problem you already an opinion about leccrin.com from China…
I hope I could find your blog earlier…I bought a bag for my gf (she really wanted for Xmas ) and spent 176$ the last 6th of dec. On their website it says they can deliver everywhere in the world within’ 8-10 business days. I contacted with customer’s service to ask friendly if it was possible to speed it up to have it by Xmas, and they replied at once that it was not assured. I was not happy with their answer, but then I accepted the fact to get the bag not on time. They replied again asking me what to do if I can not get the item by the 23rd as I asked, but I paid no attention to that email, because for me it WAS OBVIOUS it was confirmed, thinking that I paid everything already with my cc. Yesterday, checking my order status ,I noticed that the bag was still pending, never even left China yet, I wrote them and I was shocked with their reply: because they didn’t know whether I still wanted the item or not, they deleted my order and started the refund process!! Now, the problem is that I never said one time to want a refund, plus after my angry reply to this, on my account was not showing anymore “processing” but “refund” (without my authorization) that for them it will takes more than 3 weeks OR MORE.

I will lose the cc international fee on the refund, plus 8% that they charge anyway (so about 20-25 $) and still not sure whether I can get it back and when. I friendly required them to stop the refund and send me the bag, now there will be no matter anymore about the delay, because I just want what I paid for…and surprise: my account on their website has just been deleted.
Last but not least, I got a phonecall from my credit card company this morning, saying that in order to prevent a deceit, they just blocked my credit card for an attempt at cloning (what a coincidence…just today after all this???? ) certainly in order to prevent it, they blocked it though they can’t prove who tried it.
Now I’m waiting for another reply from this lady of the customer service, Nana, to see whether they can find a solution.
What’s more, all the time that I talked with this lady, it didn’t show a signature neither a cellphone contact nor an address except the email address.
I’m afraid that it was the first time that I was cheated and lost my money.
If this is a fraud, it was a very smart way to do like this. Although I can get the refund, I will lose about 8-10% for the fees that they won’t refund because of Chinese Law (really??) in this way, they won’t steal from the customers the 180 dollars paid, but just 16-20$ which means that probably no one will ever start a legal action for a small thing…but to some extent,you can image that their website is visited by 1,6 million people every day….just think about it.
Thanks for listening to my very long msg, but I hoped to inform as many people as possible about it, and also because I have been hopelessly looking for suggestion from someone with a such reliable experience like you.

Really I was very grateful for getting a reply from you.
Thanks for your great advice in advance. I hope this msg can be useful to other people.

Lucary from Milan.”

Well, I’ve seen many frauds recently, but I could hardly believe this one! They cancel your order,keeping their designer replica handbags and your money! Lucary is right; their policy is deceptive, clever and very dishonest. There is no such thing as denying a full refund because of some Chinese law, how ridiculous! I replied to him and he sent me this update a few days later.

“Dear Mariela,
I’m so happy to see that you found the time to give me a respone.
Just to give you an update…I wrote them again in couple of days ago …but this time I didn’t talked directly to this Nana of the customer service, but contacted the company itself,and I threatened them if I wasn’t get a reply from them,I will proceed straight away with my lawyer…well, the day after they apologized and sent me an email with the track number of the refund that I will get …it should take 16 business days… we will see…I will believe it only when I see the money.

Thank you again for your suggestion and stick to what you do!! So great and helpful.

Lucary ”

Of course I hope this story can have a happy ending. I really like to correspond with you, Lucary! You are in my contact list! Take care of oneself !


  1. CM:

    Where would you recommend getting a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM? thx

  2. Katie:

    Hi Mariela, great blog! BTW, Is top-knockoff-handbag.com a legitimate site? I’m looking primarily for LV and Hermes bags. Thanks!

    1. Mariela:

      The website is not working! Can you please give me the link again?

  3. Ivy:

    I would like to buy LV Never Full MM and have tried the wevsite of Luxury7star. Have you heard of it? Is it better than vogueking ? Many thanks.

  4. Lylian:

    The LV Speedy 30 is the same as the original ones in vogueking? Some pepople say that the handles of the handbags are bigger from the original ones.

    1. Mariela:

      The bag is totally like the authentic, the handles are the same. But you can return it if you don’t like it for any reason.


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