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Here I will talk about a replica chloe bag I bought from I’ve heard many good things about this website and I also wanted a replica yellow chloe bag for so long but didn’t know where to get it. So I’m really excited I found this one!It seems that it’s unusual to choose this color but I like colorful bags,haha..

I must to say that the delivery is so fast that I just took 4 days to get this bag.However,when I opened the package I was a little disappointed.Here are some photos of the bag.The first picture was the one I order,other photos are the bag they sent to me. Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Also,the leather is too soft that seems the bag was not make in real leather.Their customer service told me this is because of the chromatic aberration.At my repeated request they finally allow me to return the bag and refund the money to me.”

Sometimes I also will buy things in other colors not just black color to make my life colorful.As for me,you’d better ask them to take some photos for you to have a check before shipping.


  1. Julia:

    I was very disappointed to have paid $350 for a celine bag that smells like plastic. There only offer was to give me a discount on my next purchase . I would never order from them again !!

  2. Asel:

    MY BAG HAD A TERRIBLE ODOR!!!! The smell made me so sick and I needed to get it out of my room!!

  3. Ellis:

    Nobody ordered shoes from them?I ordered a pair of Chanel shoes 2 weeks ago and one sole has come unglued :(

  4. Tania:

    I have complicated feelings about,it used to be a good website,but the bags I got from them recently are really not good


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