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I have been getting a lot of requests for a replica handbags site comments of the website, and I finally got a chance to check them out. Before you get too excited, I have a confession to make: I didn’t order a bag from them to comment. Why, you ask? Well, the prices were so expensive that I chickened out from actually ordering for fear that I was making a mistake. I can tell you in all my trips to China I never saw replica handbags that would justify such a hefty price tag, and frankly I am not made of money! Does anyone have any experience ordering from the site who can verify that these replica handbags are worth their hefty price tags?

In the meantime, I’ve written this comment of my impressions of the site based on everything but the actual replica handbags. Luckily, if you know what to look for, you can tell a lot about a company just from their website.

Shipping: They certainly promise great things, but as I said, I can’t say if they walk the walk as well as they talk the talk shipping-wise. They have a flat-rate shipping of $30 USD, which is fine–no surprises–and they claim to ship between 2-5 business days from placing your order. They also offer to return your S&H charges in the form of a credit if your bag ships late. In writing, it sounds pretty good.

Quality: As I mentioned in the introduction, I have yet to actually hold one of their replica bags in my hands to inspect it in person, the reason being that they are too darned pricey to take the risk–and the site didn’t completely sell me. Please, please, please comment below if you’ve ever purchased a bag from and have firsthand knowledge of the quality of their bags.

Return policy: The return policy for the most part seems pretty fair. You must notify them within 24 hours of receiving your bag if you are unsatisfied and ship it back to them with tracking information within 5 days for your refund or replacement. (Not much time given but……) There is a 15% restocking fee which really sucks but I guess that is the way everyone is doing it lately.

Selection: I was definitely impressed with their selection of replica. When I clicked on some replica that were listed–Alexander McQueen for example–I found that they did not actually have any in stock. But for the most part, what they do have is pretty extensive, including some less-common replica like replica Thomas Wilde, Burberry, Phillip Lim, Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy, and Lanvin. They also seem to be pretty up to date on new designs so that is also a nice sign.

Site usability: I can not say the site is very exciting to look at, but the information is clear and the catalog is laid out how you would expect. No real complaints, except that the website could be spruced up with a bit of color or flare, but I guess that’s not as important as usability, which is fine in the case of site

Original Images: The images definitely look original to me. One way I can tell is that they do not look very good! Some of them look a little like they were taken with a cheap digital camera. While I always appreciate looking at original replica handbags pictures, in this case, I would like to see more close-ups and clearer pictures overall. Some of them are blurry and out of focus. It was hard to tell if what I was looking at were really good-quality replica handbags, which is another reason I decided not to order on it.

Service: Bottom line besides the price this is why I did not order. They do not have a contact telephone number listed on their website and they do not offer live chat support. Maybe I would have forgiven them for that if it were not for the fact that I’ve sent two inquiries via email and have yet to receive any sort of response from them. So what happens if I want to return my $400 bag? No one will listen? Sorry but I just can not justify the risk for only a bag.

Here is My humble conclusion:

At the end of the day I just could not justify to myself paying over $300 for a bag that I could hardly see from a company that I can not contact. Firstly because I know even the most expensive handbags in China do not justify those prices. And secondly because I know that if I can not contact them now the chances that I will be able to contact them after my purchase are next to none. It is just too big of a risk. I would not do it. But I would love to hear if any of your advise ?? thanks.


  1. mimi:

    hi. what do you think of i recently purchased the galliera and a prada tote from there.. wondering if i made a mistake. i’ve only JUST found out about spotbags today!

    1. Mariela:

      Happy to know you Mimi! I don`t know what to say about Eastelle, I mean I`m not crazy for what I see on their website,the leather seems to be a little stiff, but don’t worry, it`s not junk either. Let me know when you get the bags, I would also love to see pictures.

  2. j:

    I cant find lobags any more, i want to buy a bottega veneta knot. Can I trust this website bagaholicsonline ?

  3. anon:

    Why would anyone want to carry handbag that everyone else is carrying?How ridiculous ! i never get the whole LV Speedy thing anyway. Everyone is using it, real or fake. really don’t know what are you thinking about.

    1. Mariela:

      I don’t agree with you. The Speedy is a Classic, what difference does it make if other women have the possibility of buying one?most importantly,there are so many types of Speedies

  4. Crissy:

    I ran into this new website by chance! It has the Louis Vuitton summer collection along with very very VERY detailed pictures! Does it look trustworthy?!? I hope it does! I really want to buy this bag!

    1. Mariela:

      Well Crissy, it does look trustworthy, but it doesn`t look worth the trust . Everything I’ve checked on their website looks so cheap, it made me think that whether their products are made of real leather and the stitching could be torn apart in a couple of days.please be careful

  5. Shelia Payano:

    I really like tyhe reviews you post on your blog.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    1. Mariela:

      Thank you ! Shelia!


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