Handbags Comment: MISSING BURBERRY CROSSBODY HANDBAG Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

I have posted a comment about before,and here is another comments about tis site,let’s have a look first.

“Dear Mariella

You may be my last hope

I ordered a Burberry cross body from iReplicahandbags in March 2018
I received a mail with a tracking number and my order number. I have tried all avenues and even called EMS in China . They have confirmed that this tracking number was delivered on the 21-04-2018 to someone in Italy.

I live in South Africa. I have written to these people infinite times and no one replies. I even tried calling the number that reflects on their webpage and it disconnects ( how convenient).

Should I say goodbye to my USD 169?


Thank you for Marcy’s letter and I am so sorry for your experience.I cannot open their website and it seems that this site has been shut down.Now it’s better to contact the bank to open a dispute to get the money back.Usually,I will not recommend this way unless we really have no choice.

“Dear Mariela

To date I have not received my item. Neither has the company contacted me regardless of my many emails.

I will follow up with my bank as this is definitely a fraudulent company and I have definitely been scammed.

Kind Regards,

Hope you can get the money back soon!And girls,please be careful and keep away from this website!!


  1. Cristina:

    The LV bag I orderred from their site is the most awful bag i have ever purchased. Quality is very cheap:(:(

  2. Maria:

    I ordered a blus bag but it came in green color.The bag is beautiful,so I don’t know what to do now

  3. kylie:

    Very Coincidentally,I have the same problem and now I’m wondering whether to return it or keep it


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