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“This is a complete SCAM!!Had ordered a few small things on in the past. No problems!So I took a load off my mind and ordered a Dior bag which cost me about 800 dollars with them,paying by WC without hesitation.However,look at this,this is the bag they sent to me.

Christian Dior My Lady Bag

Christian Dior My Lady Bag

Lining torn,and strong chemical smells.My package never got checked for quality before delivery.I contacted them and they said very kindly that they would send a new one to me.But almost one month gone,received nothing.Eventually, I have emailed them many times requesting either a new order for the bag or a refund, but they’ve only ignored my request.Now,no new bag,no refund!What a disappointment.Stay away from them,trust me!”

This is really a hard lesson.I always said that don’t use Western Union or MoneyGram if you don’t trust the website,but the truth is that this situation is impossible to defend effectively.


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