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“ I will never buy again from”This is the first sentence I read when I open this comment.I feel so curiouse for what happen to my this reader.I am a little bit busy today,but I do want to share her experience with you.

“I will never buy again from Handbags Comment: Not A High Quality Fendi Bag Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“Hi Mariela,

I have bought a Gucci bag from but they have sent me a wrong color bag. Since the bag was not very bad,I did not return it. I thought this was a mistake so after half years later,I decided to buy a Fendi bag from their site. Handbags Comment: Worried About My Bag Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“Hi Mariela,

Last week I ordered a replicaFendi handbag from was not worried about the bag at first,but yesterday during the chatting with my friends,I found that one of my friends also bought a bag from this website.She complained to me that the bag she got was made in a poor quality.