ebuypurses6a.com Handbags Comment: I Am Still Waiting My Bags

ebuypurses6a.com Handbags Comment

ebuypurses6a.com Handbags Comment

I have received two emails about ebuypurses6a.com on this weekend,but both of them are not good news.

“Over a month ago I ordered 2 lv bags and 1 celine bag from ebuypurses6a.com, it took almost 2 weeks for 2 of the lv payments to be processed and an extra week for the celine. I’m furious. I needed these bags 2 weeks ago and now I’m just sitting here wondering if I’ve been scammed. I’ve received two separate emails confirming the shipping of the 3 bags but when I went to see the tracking number ,I found that both parcels show that they’ve not left their origin country. What a waste of my time!”

“Hi Mariela,I ordered with ebuypurses6a and I am still waiting for my order to arrive one month later. When I contacted them,they gave me an automated response and haven’t replied yet. They also advertise that you can track your order which I coudn’t find any information on the website and they didn’t acknowledge the issue and gave me another automated reply. Shocking Customer service.”

That’s a shame for them to do that.You may contact them by “Live Chat” which is more convenience or ask their photo number and call them directly.If they do not reply,I think your guys can ask for refund instead of wasting time to get the bags.


  1. Dawn:

    I had ordered a pair of Chanel shoes at the end of July and after being sent the wrong order the first time and then returning the item and asking for the correct order to be sent, my patience ran out and I asked for a full refund.Well,it’s September now and this still hasn’t been resolved!

    Poor service all the way through and will never use again


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