Handbags Comment: So Easy To Tell It’s Fake! Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

It seems like the knock-off Christian Dior Bag is becoming more and more popular! But this also means that with wide popularity it comes an avalanche of poorly made replicas!
So I’ll use this comment to show you their dior bag and also to show you how easy it is to point out that this is a bad fake at once!

Here are the comment and the photos sent by one of my reader.

“Hi Mariela,

Just discovered your blog after buying this replica Christian Dior handbag and I love this blog sooo much!

I ordered this handbag from a website named because it looked really good in the pictures. At first I wanted to pay with my credit card but my bank refused the transfer. So I need to pay by Paypal instead. Now the bag just arrived but I’m not happy with it as it’s not like the photos on their website!

The important thing is that I want to return it but they don’t give full refund if you just don’t like the product.

So should I ask for a replacement (I need to pay for the shipping fee) or file a dispute on Paypal? That sounds like a lot of trouble and I really don’t like that.What do you think I should do now?
Is this bag really bad? Like is it easy to tell it’s fake?

Thank you in advance!” Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

Well, I must to say that this bag is easy to tell it’s a fake. And now I’ll tell you why.First of all,you can easy to see the serious left-right asymmetry of the bag.Second,the workmanship is rather crude like the place I spotted with red circle.So,I think you’d better file a dispute on Paypal if they don’t agree to resend a new one to you and pay for the shipping fee.


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