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A reader left a comment to me telling her bad experience on think this comment will be helpful for guys who want to buy purses on this site.Let’s read it first.

“I ordered a Christian Dior wallet on October 25th and I have not received my item as of December 22nd. When I ordered the wallet, I specifically asked for preshipment photos as it was my first time ordering a replica. The order was taking over a week to be processed even though I paid right away with western union and the company took my money out so I asked for a refund to cancel the order as I was getting suspicious. Prior to asking for a refund,

I messaged Emily a few times asking when my order would be shipped out. I was always ignored ( I say ignored because Emily would update her wechat album but not respond to me). However, when I asked to cancel the order and a refund, Emily replied to me instantly within an hour. She said the order was already shipped but she couldn’t provide me with a tracking number until the next business day (clearly the item was not shipped and she just didn’t want to lose my business). I complained because It was obvious that she was lying to me and forgot my preshipment photos that I specifically asked three times for! She showed me the photos of the wallet and I spotted a big difference and told her I did not like it. The wallet was supposed to open half way but it was a trifold wallet. She agreed and I asked for a refund and she started ignoring me again.

After a week of being ignored, I told her that I will accept a exchange if she could find me a better quality wallet and actually send me preshipment photos. She replied instantly and agreed to find me a new one and promised to send me preshipment photos this time. However, she forgot to send me preshipment photos again and I declined the package because once I accept it, I am stuck with the wallet. I am furious that she forgot to send me preshipment photos, not once but twice! The package was returned to the company and accepted. However, two month later, I am still being ignored and I have yet to receive a refund or the item I rightfully paid for. Please do not buy from this company. They are scammers and will not refund your money once received. The quality is not “mirror quality” and they are not responsible for the items they sell. They will ignore you even if you send them 20 emails a day requesting a refund or exchange. Please save your money!!!!”

A few readers have told me that this is not a reliable website,please read another comment about this website.They stole clients’ money without shipping anything to them.Please be careful and stay far away from this website.


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