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Some of you might have the question why we buy replicas?Well,the real ones are sooo expensive,but we love its style,its design and most importantly,we want to save money,I think that’s the main reason why we turn to replicas ones.However,I don’t mean the cheaper the better.For example,the price of the bags on is not reasonable,if you want to get good quality,then I would not recommend this site.Let’s read one of my readers’ experience on

“Dear Mariela,I was looking for a replica black Chanel chains bag recently.I saw this bag in a few websites and of course,the price is different.Only on,I can get the bag with about $100 dollars,that is the cheapest price.

Look,this is the bag I received.

Black Chanel Chains Bag

Black Chanel Chains Bag

This Chanel bag sucks.The quality is so cheap and it came with very strong smell!And unfortunately,I paid with western union.Now they didn’t reply my emails,I have to keep the bag and can’t get my money back.Stay away from CHEAPBAGS.CN !!!”

I am so sorry for your experience.When we look around this site,we will find that there are not much detailed photos for the items.For me, it is very important to see that an online shopping website has a few clear and detailed photos of its products. This is very helpful, we can know how good the quality of the items really is.


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