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“Dear Mariela,I am always a big fan of Chloe bags and I have collected many of them.Last month I found a website only selling chloe bags.I thought they were specialized in replica chloes,so I make a big order from them.Because they said they offer a 10% discount for all orders paid for through Western Union and I also wanted save some money,I paid for them almost AU$1150 via WC at last.

3 days after I paid for my order,I received an email saying that they would separated my orders into 2 packpages in order to avoid problems when passing through the customs.I was ok about that.Also 10 days later I got my first package,I appreciated their fast shipping and I was looking forward to the rest package.

Chloe Drew Nano Leather Bag

Chloe Drew Nano Leather Bag

Chloe Medium Fay Bag

Chloe Medium Fay Bag

However,until now,they haven’t sent the rest bags to me.I was so worried and I kept contacting them,but no one answered my emails.Oh no,how dare they are!I spent almost AU$1150 to get half of my order and they do not send me the rest,they refused to email me back or refund me!Buyer beware!!!”

That’s too terrible.I always say that if you are not 100% sure that is not a scam website,then you’d better not pay by Western Union,expecially for big orders.This will be a hard lesson for you and other girls.


  1. Tara:

    Have you now received the remaining bags? I am located in Aus and wondering if i should purchase a chloe bag.


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