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My ‘virtual friend’ Daa (Danielley) was nice enough to write this comment of for all of us. Among other names this website also goes by the another name….So without further ado….This is what Dee had to say:

I purchased this bag from My first purchase was the Totally Monogram LV PM, as far as I could tell the bag was just as pictured on the site, as well as the LV website. Then I purchased a Damier 35 speedy for my daughter, she loves it! I was a little concerned about the inside color, because nowadays so many woman are carrying this bag and I have a cousin (who by the way swears all her bags are real-but keep in mind she’s got a new bag every other month) YEAH NICE~~~~~ Handbbags Comment Handbbags Comment Handbags Handbags Handbags Handbags

I took these photos with my Blackberry so they are kinda dark. I will take photos of the other bags with the digital camera and have Mariela post them. Hope this info was helpful, I love this website where other women have the same interests as I. So let me know what you think!!

Ok, back to the issue at hand, my next bag was my fav as pictured the Azur NF which I adore!! Voguefront has good customer service, they answer my calls, return my emails (1-3 days max) shipping is included in the cost of the bag and they usually offer a free gift. I try hard to do my research and pick the best looking mirror image Handbags. If you got ripped off by a replica handbags website let me know! The best way for us to avoid being ripped off is to share our experiences with each other.

I invite anyone else who has shopped at either of these sites to share their experiences below. Furthermore, I have been really pleased recently to have received photographs from some of my readers. I want to sincerely thank Dee for her contribution and invite everyone else to to send in their comments to I am doing my best with site comments but unfortunately, as you can imagine it is starting to get expensive. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your bag and donot forget the close-ups! I will be glad to post them so everyone to share. Also remember to include a paragraph or two describing your experience with the website and the quality of the bags themselves. Also, do not feel limited to good comments. Thanks!


  1. alex grace:

    Hi, what about, it seems very great, but i can not find any review about this website in the internet.

    1. Mariela:

      Sorry,I haven`t heard much about it, but I`ll be reviewing it very soon!

  2. Nicole:

    Hi, in your expert opinion what are the top websites that i should purchase replicas from?please tell me your answer.

    1. Mariela:

      Hey Nicole, it all depends on the brand you`re looking forward to get, so let me know what are you planning to buy and I`ll give you a list of recommended sites

  3. Laurie ann:

    Mariela, where can i find more selection of LV stephan sprouse neverfulls and Balenciagas???? PV has absolutly no selection choices of these at all,,,, thank you so much in advance!!

  4. elle:

    Now I just recieved an email saying their new website is PV? Which one is correct. I need to make a new order but I am worried if I am being scammed. Which one is the real PV? Thanks

  5. Robert:

    Dear All,

    I really NEED your help and support with the best site that sells best replica Goyard bags since iam confused with the quantity of websites spread on the net.
    appreciate to recommend the best trustable site that really can rely on.


  6. Robert:

    Thanks Mariela


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