Handbags Comment :A Fraudulent Website ! Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

“ Hi Mariela,

I have no idea if you know this site months ago,I purchased a Hermes Birkin 30CM Crocodile stripes leather in Blue wit according to their guidance on the website.Well,I have to say,the procedure was really simple.Their sales told me that my order will be arrived within 2 weeks,so I am so happy to hear that.But two weeks past,I still no got my order,I really confused for that,I contacted their sales to check.

After several emails,they finally replied me and told me that my package has been seized by the customs ,and they have no way to solve this,but they can give me some discounts to choose another bag,of course,I need to pay the balance,can you believe this.I don’t think such things should happen to me.

Here above are some pictures of this website,I do not agree with their suggestion,and I think maybe this website is a cheater,as I cannot find any of their information on the website.I just hope my comment of this website can help any of your readers.”

I’m so sorry when things like this happen.But I have to say that I have no idea about this website.From the pictures you sent,it seems that the site is find.From your sharing,I have to say that leaving away from this site would be the best.As we do not know such thing would be happen on us or not.


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