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Have you suffered from the experience that you was cheated by the seller and couldn’t get the money back?Here is an example.

“Mariela,how are you?I was not good these days.I’d been made a fool of.I wanted to purchase a hermes bag on,but when I paid by my credit card,it could not go through though I have tried many times.By the way,they do not accept paypal.So,I was confused.Then they emailed me to pay by western union.I was hurry to finish payment so I havenot remember that this was my first time ordering from this site.I thought they will ship my package after receiving the money,but I was wrong,I haven’t got any news from them till now.I lost my money!!”

After reading this,I was angry.I hate those sellers who cheat their clients.We paid but got nothing,that was so unfair.So girls,please remember that if you do not trust a website,then do not use western union or you will not get the money back easily if something wrong.


  1. Susanna:

    Hi Mariela, have you checked out the site aaa offer? Any suggestions on it?

    1. Mariela:

      Hi Susanna, please give me exact domain name so I can check it out.

  2. DAWN:

    Can I trust

    1. Mariela:

      Of course you can.voguekingbag is a good website to get great replicas


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