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No matter how carefully or cautious you are.Bad things will always happen in your life.And unfortunately,my friend had the worst experience after she bought a Chloe Marcie Tote Handbag Apricot from.Actually,I’m not that surprise since she used,but I do think this should not happen,this is a big joke,why there is somebody will do this?I am really confused and angry.

“Hi Mariela,
I bought a Chloe Marcie Tote Handbag Apricot from,this is really a nightmare for me,please use the following as a blog post to let all your reader know about this scam site.

I want to buy a Chloe Marcie Tote Handbag Apricot and I finally found it on thought it was a trustworthy seller.I sent him an offer and he replied very soon and told me to do business off he accepted Paypal,I thought it was a good deal.He sent me a paypal invoice,but did not go through.Then,he suggested to pay by western union,and he will give me 10% discount.I thought it was the best deal.So finally I sent him the money.

After some days,I ask him for my tracking number,he did not give me a reply,as I worried about that,so I sent him numerous emails,then he gave me the tracking number.

After a few days.I got my package,but you know what,the one I order is for a bag,but he sent me a pair of shoes,and is the kids shoes.can you believe this ?
I email him repeatedly but no response..I hope no one will have this kind of experience any more”

This is really awful.I’ve heard so many awful conmments about this website and their seller’s ways of doing business.Honestly speaking,these guys are jerks.


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