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Recently there are a few readers left messages to me about will pick up two messages and post on my blog.
The first one.
“I recently placed an order for 2 bags on and 1 month later I’m still waiting for the shipment!
Its been 20 working days and still no update on whether my order has been shipped yet? Ridiculous! I have no problem waiting as long as I know that it’s coming.
According to the website shipment is that clients can receive the package within 8 – 10 days for any destination worldwide.
Customer care is quick to my inquiries but all the response was still waiting for manager. I left a feedback on the website but they don’t post any real opinions about customer who they left hanging.
I am still waiting for any real update till now.”

The second one.
“I returned a bag and they will not refund to me. The bag was not even taken out of its original packaging. I am told everytime that they will check with their manager. That started in July! Till now I have no refund and no explanation and they even ignored my has stolen 268$ from me and customer service is useless.I lost the money and the bag!!Total theft. BUYER BEWARE”,their another website name is,I have posted some comments about this site on my blog,my readers reflect that they have been stolen money from them.That’s too horrible!!!Girls,please be be careful of this website.


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