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I want to say there is one site that totally makes me angry , just  like they`re going out of way angry – it is I am tired of friends and compatriots being cheated by these hateful guys. I can not stress this enough: is third rate, too high priced, and the worst of all, they are unreliable. deeply hurt the consumers heart and fellings.You cannot expect to get the bag that you ordered from these site obviously,just will disappoint you.

A few weeks ago, Diane wrote about her terrible experience with  and now we have another scathing reader submitted comment from Amy. I will let her do the talking.


I just wanted to write to tell you about and what a bad time I had with them,just a nightmare.I wasn not sure about them so I emailed to ask some questions and the person seemed very friendly and like she knows weakness about bags and that, so I made up my mind to order anyway. I ordered a replica Alma Vernis and I was all excited then it took 3 weeks for me to get the back and I think that is too long to wait for it. When I eventually got the back it was all mashed up like somebody had pulled on it or something. One of the strap clips isn’t attached and it was so awful one of the leather tabs is ripped. it is really ugly and just make me down. All of you can see in the photo I attached below.

About the quality as the picture shows: Handbags Comment Handbags Comment

That shopping expenrience is really bad to me, I have tried sending emails to ask for a return but I don not get the kind friendly response. I’m so mad at it! How can they want to push the customers to buy something they do not like at all and pay so much money on this useless things. I do hope no one else shops here ever. ” What I am saying is soo serious.

Hey Amy, anytime you want to vent, that is okay by me! Your picture describes really deatailed and better than words could expresses,  that bags a stinker. I hope you definitly can get that handbag  you do not like and need at all returned.

Pardon my words but I really hope that Amy is the last one who to get such a bad experience from

Thanks for letting me vent,


  1. Luciane Rocha:

    dear, the lv bag is so terrible, i will be away from it to find a trusted site.

  2. Josh:

    I need to buy an LV wallet for a male or any time of men’s wallet. Coach, Burberry, Prada… any ideas for a good looking replica? thanks a lot, great blog btw

    1. Mariela:

      I’m very happy that you like this blog and if you need an advice, I am here for you! Vogueking has some great wallets but their male section is short! You can take a look at, I’m sure you’ll find something nice!

    1. Mariela:

      Well,both of them are not very good at all cause some readers have wrote some bad reviews about them. maybe you can try other website.

  3. Gigi:

    Have you ever heard of Do you know what their new website is? My friend used to get bags for them and was very happy but we haven’t been able to find them. Thanks.

    1. Mariela:

      I know they were good but I don’t think they ever made a new website! maybe you can contact them


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