7perfectbags.ru Handbags Comment: I am Not Happy With This Present

7perfectbags.ru Handbags Comment

7perfectbags.ru Handbags Comment

“I don’t know whether your guys have any experience on 7perfectbags.ru,but I definitely will not recommend it.I ordered a Saint Laurent purse for my birthday present but I was so disappointed with it.

Yves Saint Laurent Small Purse

Yves Saint Laurent Small Purse

The biggest problem is that the glue is so obvious and I can’t fix it.And the leather does not look of the good quality as it is described. I sent the bag back and I am waiting on my FULL REFUND!!!!!”

I cannot find this bag on their website and I guess they might have removed it.However, I am so happy that you can return it and get your money back!


  1. john:

    I will never do business with this website again since they never email me back!


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